Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Well, despite the fact that school will be cancelled again on Thursday, we have been given the OK to practice in the afternoon.  So, we will go skiing tomorrow, getting some skate skiing in, with the bus leaving at 3:00, and going over to Bunker to get a little time on snow and a little prep work to get ready for the Conference Meet.  We will be out for a little less than an hour. The temps will still be below 0 and winds up still a little, so please come prepared.  When we get done, we will do any last minute work on skis.  Please, do not use your race skis for practice tomorrow!!

For Friday, the bus is going to be leaving at 8:00am.  We will be racing at Baker Park in Medina.  Here is their address: 2935 Parkview Drive.  It is actually a part of Baker National Golf Course.  The easiest way to get there would be to get to I 494 and then go west on Rockford Road.  Rockford will turn into CR 24 and then you will take a right onto Parkview Dr, and then a left into the Park.  Parking will be more than Wirth but will still be a little limited with 12 schools, so if you can car pool, that will be best.

We will still get together on Saturday morning to get some more time on snow since we lost so much this week.  Bus will leave at 8:00am and we will go ski at Battle Creek in St Paul to get some good trails in since Wirth will not be available due to other events.  We will only be skiing for about an hour, so it will not be an all day or morning thing.

Thanks and any questions, let me know,

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