Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Section Meet/Lakeville JV/JR High

Below is a link to the Section Start Lists for tomorrow.  They were sent to us in Odd or Even Lane assignments.  So, those that are an odd number for their start will be on one list and those that are even will be on the other.  Also, here is the time schedule for the meet:
Boys Classic: 10:00
Girls Classic: 11:00
Boys Skate Pursuit: 1:30
Girls Skate Pursuit: 2:30

Boys Odd Lane Numbers
Boys Even Lane Numbers
Girls Odd Lane Numbers
Girls Even Lane Numbers

Same as last week, if you can car pool, that will work best for the limited parking.  The start and finish will be a few minute walk from the main Wirth parking lot, so plan accordingly.  The Main Chalet will not be open but the new Trailhead building is available.  It is possible that each team will have an area to sit, but we are not allowed to bring in crock pots and such. 

Lastly, I got word last night that the Lakeville JV/JR High Meet that was scheduled for this weekend is going to be cancelled.  Even with the predicted snow for this week, they will not have enough time to set up a course and make it safe to have a race.  So, the JV kids will have Monday at Elm Creek as their last race.

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