Monday, December 30, 2019


For those that cannot make practice any of the days this week, here are the workouts for the week.  We are going to discuss with the skiers today if we will be getting together for any team practices the rest of the week:

Workouts for the Week of December 30, 2019
Monday, Dec. 30
Meet at High School at 9:00
Warm Up, Stretch
10 min Run
Weight Training, Phase II, Day 3
Skate Technique Work
Those able to go Skiing, go as a group to Elm and do Reaction Speed Game x 12-15
Those staying behind, in groups of equal running ability, Reaction Speed Game x 10
3 x 30 sec DP DNA (1st set Level 2, 2nd Set Level 3, 3rd Set Level 4)
-          3 x 15sec DP SkiErg (1st set Level 3, 2nd set Level 4, 3rd Set Level 5)

Tuesday, Dec 31
Meet at Bunker Camp Ground at 9:00AM
Classic Skiing if possible
Technique Work: Snappy KickDrill Video
Easy Distance Ski, 1 hr 15min – 1 hr 30 min

Wednesday, Jan 1
On Your Own or With a Group
Classic or Skate (Depends on what you are racing on Saturday.  If not Racing, than ski your choice)
5 – 6 x 6 minutes w/ 4 minutes recovery 
First 3 minutes of each interval L3 – last 3 minutes L4

Thursday, Jan 2
Meet at Bunker Camp Ground at 9:00AM
Skate Skiing
20 min warm up
20 min no pole
25 min Agility Skiing
5 x Single Pole
5 x Double Pole
3 x 30 seconds Push-ups, Abs

Friday, Jan.4
Leave for Pine Valley in Cloquet at 8:00am. Arrive at PV around 10:00
Technique Work until 12:00 (lunch until 1:00)
Ski 5K+  in technique you are skiing on Saturday. 
5 x starts
Wax Ski’s
Those not racing ski until waxing is done
Dinner at 6:00
Lights out at 10:00

Saturday, Jan. 4
Mesabi East Invite
Breakfast at 8:00
Pack up everything, leave by 8:45
First Race at 11:00 (Boy’s Classic) Leave for home around 4:00 – 4:30

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