Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Mora Invite

Below is the list of our skiers that are skiing this Friday and Saturday based on the information that I was given, as well as a link to the meet information for the Mora Invite at the Vasaloppet Center.
If there are any questions, please let me know,

Mora Invite
First Name Last Name Boys/Girls Wave (V Saturday and JV) Relay (V Friday)
Noah Christiansen Boys Sprint Relay 1
Jared  Heida Boys Sprint Relay 1
Aaron Casey Boys Sprint Relay 2
Mike Smith Boys Sprint Relay 2
Eli Christiansen Boys 1 JV 5K
Florentin Julien Boys 2 JV 5K
Jacob  Casey Boys 3 JV 5K
Tommy Samit Boys 4 JV 5K
Tristen Brende-Prils Boys 1 JH 2.5K
Josie Ingvaldson Girls Sprint Relay1
Amelia Blomberg Girls  Sprint Relay1
Kiwi Le Girls 1 JV 5K
Oliva Nojd Girls 2 JV 5K
Jordyn Campbell Girls 3 JV 5K
Ava Kehr Girls 4 JV 5K
Tori Horner Girls 5 JV 5K
Jerzi Herberg Girls 6 JV 5K
Sheryl Black Girls 7 JV 5K
Ricky Petroff Boys V 1 Pursuit 2 x 5K
Myles Gilyard Boys V 2 Pursuit 2 x 5K
Peyton Martinek Boys V 3 Pursuit 2 x 5K
Ryan Powley Boys V 4 Pursuit 2 x 5K
Jennings Jurmu Boys V 5 Pursuit 2 x 5K
Orion Carter Boys JH 2.5K
Lilah Gilyard Girls V Pursuit 2 x 5K
Akala Lowe Girls JV 1 5K
Zoe  Hoaglund Girls JV 2 5K
Ilsa Hoaglund Girls JV 3 5K
Tessa Del Fratte Girls JH 2.5K
Kendall Martinek Girls JH 2.5K

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