Friday, October 30, 2020

Nordic Season Guidelines

Here is the link to the guidelines for this year: Nordic Guidelines

I will be going over these with our Activities Director as well as our Conference AD within the next few days to get even more details about all of this, especially when it comes to practices as well as transportation.

However, here are a few key points:
Season starts in Nov 30, first meet can be on Dec 3rd.

Regular season will last until Feb 13 and then there will be two weeks for the post season. But, there are no decisions yet on what the post season will be.

All meets are going to be duals or tris. For our Conference scheduled meets, they will all be tri’s since there are only 12 teams in the conference.

I haven’t seen anything official, but the guidelines mention no invites, which would mean no Mesabi Invite nor ABC Relays.  Also, we are to be limited to teams in our Conference/Section, so Winona would be out as well. We would be able to go up to Mora to race with them since they are in our Section. The Conference schedule is in its final stages of being completed, so once that is done and more is known as to what we can and cannot do I’ll finish the schedule.

There are 6 pages of info, some covers all activities, some are specific to Nordic. I am not going to go into detail yet on the rest of the guidelines because I want to get all of the details before I put that info out. So, you will possibly have questions, but I will probably answer them once I have more of the background info, at which time I will then answer any questions.  There is a lot that still needs to happen and figured out, so please have patience with me so we as coaches can get everything figured out, then we will let you know how things will happen.

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