Monday, December 21, 2020

Workout Ideas for the Week of Dec. 21, Tentative Schedule

Here are some workout ideas for this week to continue to help get ready for the season.  These are just ideas and you can adjust them to fit however works best for you.  Also, a good pole run can take the place of a classic workout.  

We are 2 weeks away, so let's hope for some snow!!  Also, there is a tentative Meet schedule now posted on the side of the blog.  It seems much smaller due to the fact of no invites, but I am going to work on getting at least one more with Mora in Mora on Saturday.  Once I have that, I will update the schedule.

Optional Virtual meeting with the skiers today at 3:15 to discuss questions and workouts.  Optional Virtual core/strength meeting Tuesday at 5:00, and we will discuss at that time whether to have another one this week or just post some workout ideas.

Any questions, let me know.  There are a lot of things happening now that will continue to effect the season and things I am still trying to figure out, but we will do what we can to have a positive season!!

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