Monday, December 28, 2020

Workout Ideas for the Week of Dec 28

Here are some ideas for workouts as we get ourselves ready to start next week.  If you notice, there are two Time Trial options to do on the weekend.  Please note, this is optional and is really more for those that have been skiing for a few years and have been getting lots of time on snow already this year. 

Also, we were notified today that we are able to have our first meet after Jan 14!!  So, our schedule will be as it currently is with the first meet for us on Wed Jan 20th!  We may move the location of some of these meets since there is enough snow at other locations, but we will wait until we get closer before we make that decision.

Any questions, please let me know,

Remember our pacing: L3 = controlled long-distance race pace. L4 = short distance race pace. Anything in the 2-30 second range = faster than race pace but not all-out sprint (fast and relaxed) 
8 minutes L3 – 2 minutes recovery 
5 minutes L3 with a fast finish (20 seconds hard) – 3 minutes recovery 
4 minutes L4 – 4 minutes recovery 
2 minutes L4 – 4 minutes recovery 
6-8 x 30 seconds – 1-minute recovery between intervals 

Warm Up:
15 minutes easy skiing 
5 minutes L2
15 minutes easy skiing with 5x 20 seconds building in intensity 
Dynamic stretching 

For the first 8- and 5-minute intervals find rolling terrain that will allow you to ski quickly but not anaerobic on the climbs. You can choose harder more challenging climbs to use during the 4 and 2 minute intervals. 
For the 30 second segment use rolling terrain including flats and transitions 

This is an example of a session you should feel pretty good when you are finished not over exerted. Our goal is to log some time in both threshold and L4 but without draining the muscles. The shorter 30 second interval at the end are prefect for practicing fast paces skiing while staying relaxed and working on race technique

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