Thursday, January 14, 2021

Mask Update

This came out this evening in regards to mask use in races:

Updated Nordic and Alpine Ski Mask/Face Coverings Information

The MSHSL learned this afternoon an additional exception has been added to the Mask/Face Covering Requirement language. This additional exception indicates flexibility around the wearing of masks/face coverings during the race portion of both Alpine and Nordic Skiing. Beginning today, the following statements should be applied to Alpine and Nordic Skiing.

Participants in Alpine and Nordic skiing must be masked at all times outdoors whenever 6 feet of social distancing cannot be observed.

In Nordic Skiing, participants should be masked at all times until they arrive at the start line. At this time, they are able to remove their mask/face covering if they so choose. Upon crossing the finish line, participants should again be masked.

Recommended: Participants are encouraged to use neck gaiters or similar mask/face covering that can easily be moved from their face and then replaced after the completion of their competition.

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