Monday, January 25, 2021

Tuesday Race Info

Here is some more race info that was sent to us today for tomorrow's races at Woodland Trails in Elk River.  One thing to also note, there is a race before ours, so there will be others there when we arrive:

Couple more things guys, for parking, the lot has been very full all year. I am blocking off a couple parking spaces so that your buses can come in, make a loop, and drop off your kids, and then get back out and park at the golf course until your race is done. 

Parents coming to watch, or your kids if they are driving themselves, might end up parking kind of far away up the entrance road, or at the golf course. We will see how many people show up. 

The course will be clearly marked with cones so no one skis the wrong way. 

1 Lap:

3:45 - First 8 Girls for each team, 2 from each school every 20 seconds
3:50 - Second 8 for each team 
3:55 - Third 8 for each team

4:30 - First 8 Boys for each team, 2 from each school every 20 seconds
4:35- Second 8 for each team
4:40 - Third 8 for each team

Only one porta-potty, so keep that in mind too. 

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