Sunday, January 3, 2021

Workouts for the Week of Jan 4

Below is a rough sketch for the 1st week of the season.  Every week I will let you know where we will be practicing and what technique.  However, some times we may have to change a location or technique due to weather, so please make sure you are checking the blog to see if there are any changes.

Please make sure that you are registered before practice tomorrow, Monday.  With more restrictions we need to make sure everyone is signed up before they are able to practice with us. 

Also, with Monday's practice, we would like for everyone to be at the school by 3:15 so we can discuss many items for the season.  For those that are going to need equipment, if you can be there by 3:00, that will help so we can have everyone ready to go.  After that, we will allow those who are able to meet us at the location to meet at that location by 3:30, with practices usually ending around 5:00.

Monday - Skate at Bunker Memorial
Tuesday - Classic (double pole only) at Bunker Golf Course, Parking Lot 1; Virtual Strength Training at 5:45pm
Wednesday - Skate at Bunker Memorial
Thursday - Classic at Bunker Skijor Trails (Dog Park off of Hanson Blvd); Virtual Strength Training at 5:45pm
Friday - Skate at Bunker Memorial
*Saturday, "Goal" workout - Skate at either Bunker or Woodland Trails in Elk River.  

*With Saturday workouts, we would like to have as many skiers as possible make the workouts, be also understand that there can be other events, family commitments that need to be taken care of.  With this first Saturday workout, we are wanting to get the skiers on a long ski, 1 hour for the First Years up to 2 hours for the Varsity.  We would also like for them to be skiing with others in their groups to help and to have someone with them.  The First Years should do their long ski at Bunker, Varsity at Woodland Trails for bigger, more challenging hills, and JV making a decision to ski at either of the two locations they feel comfortable with.  Also, for this first Saturday, we are not setting a time, thus no bus, and giving everyone the opportunity to do the ski at a time that works for them. I personally will be at Woodland in Elk River at 8:00am, so for those that are planning to ski there, if you can plan around that time, I will be able to ski with you and help with any questions.  I will, though, give everyone directions on how to do the workout at the end of the week and why we are going to call these workouts "Goal" workouts.

Thanks and any questions, please let me know,

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