Sunday, February 7, 2021

Info for the Week of Feb 8

Below is the basics for practice this week.  Couple things of note, there is a high chance that our meet on Thursday is going to be moved to the following Wednesday due to the weather.  It has not been made official yet, but once I hear I will post it and change the schedule.  Also, in regards to the weather, the end of the week is actually looking colder than what we just went through, so things may get changed or even cancelled depending on what happens as well as what the school district allows us to do.  But, we do want everyone wearing hats this week, no headbands please, to have their masks/gators on the whole time to help prevent frostbite.  We will be doing workouts where the skiers will be moving almost the whole time in order to help from freezing.

Two other quick notes, the team pictures are going to be on Monday, Feb 15 at 10:00am at Bunker Memorial.  This was the best time that worked with the photographers but also that would fit into what could be our schedule.  Lastly, every year at certain meets there are t-shirt sales, and even though we don't know who will be on our Section teams yet, they are asking for those interested in purchasing one to do so by Sunday, Feb 14 so that they can be made and separated for each team by the actual date of the race.  If you would like to purchase one, even if you don't get to ski, go to the following link to order:

Here are is the week ahead:

Monday, Classic, Bunker Campground
Tuesday, Skate, Bunker Campground
Wednesday, Skate, Bunker Campground
Thursday, Classic Race at Bunker Memorial or Skate Practice at Bunker Campground
Friday, Skate,  Bunker Campground

Thanks and stay warm,

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