Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Results and Section/State Update

Our individual results from today are now posted on the right side of the blog.  Once I get the overall results I'll post those and comments as well.

A couple of other items, we were told today what the final decision on State is going to be, thus how Sections and qualifying will work.  State this year is going to be a two day event, Girls on Thursday, March 11th and Boys on Friday, March 12th. What this means for qualifying for State at Sections is what we have had in the past, the top 2 teams and the top 6 individuals not on those teams will qualify for the State Meet.  With Sections itself, ours will be on Wednesday, March 3rd at Theo Wirth and they will be run slightly different and more condensed in some regards to what we saw the last two days. 

The Boys will be racing in the morning in pods of 4, with all of the teams present at one time and there will be 3 pods.  Classic will be first and skate the second race.  The top pod will be the first group to start, and then about 18 mins later the second pod will start (so roughly the time it will take for pod 1 to finish and clear the area), and then another 18 or so mins and the third pod will start.  What this will do is level the course conditions issue that we saw this week.  The second race then will start 1 hour after each pods first races started.  So, from start to finish for all 3 pods it will be less than 2 hours total.  Then, the Girls will be in the afternoon, roughly an hour after the Boys finish and go through the same process.  

I have not been told yet what the official start time for the first pods will be, thus I cannot say for sure on what all of the times will be. Some of this may still change as the logistics of everything gets figured out.  It may seem complicated, but we will explain it to the kids in detail and it will actually work to their favor because they could get an extra 20 mins of rest in between their races.  

Also, now that we know how many athletes we can race, we as coaches will finalize the teams and let everyone know tomorrow, Thursday.

As for Thursday, to have a little fun, we are going to have a "Favorite Jersey" day for practice.  For all of the skiers that have jersey's from other sports, you can wear it tomorrow for practice.

Thanks and any questions, let me know,

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