Thursday, February 18, 2021

Week Update

A solid afternoon of skiing was had by all today!  After many struggled yesterday with the classic course and the new snow, they fought the tired legs and put forth a solid effort in skate and ended the day with what would be called racing to the finish.  There is so much that can be said about racing in general, just the mental struggle that goes on in ones head throughout the race, but when you are tired and still pushing all the way to the finish, it says a lot about what you are made of, and this years Cardinal Skiers are getting stronger every day and the potential moving forward with all of them grows as well.  As a coach, this day may not stick out much on the "importance" of the race, but it is one that we can look back on as a point of reference and how it was important to see them race in back to back days and be stronger on the second day.  They put a lot of work in the past 2 weeks, despite the cold, and did so with a smile! What is making this season a positive one is that every day all of these skiers show up with a smile, work hard, and help each other out. But, things are not over yet, we still have at least two weeks left and we will do what we can to continue to improve!

For Friday's practice, we have asked our Varsity to head to Theo Wirth to do some last minute prep work for the Conference Meet next week.  Everyone else will be skiing at Bunker Campground, skating, bus leaving at 3:15, skiing until about 5:00.  

Usually I would post the teams for the Conference Meet right now, but I am waiting to hear on a few things before I can post them.

Saturday we will have a bus, leaving at 8:00am and heading to Battle Creek in St Paul to do some hill work since Wirth will be closed for races this weekend.  Both Classic and Skate work will be done. We are hoping to be back by 11:00.

I am hoping to hear some time on Friday what time slot we will be skiing for the Conference races.  Once I hear I will post all of the information on how the races will work, what time, and any other details that will be important.  For those that do not race in the Conference Meet, they will be racing on Wednesday at Woodland Trails in Elk River.

Last item, for those that are interested in the team pictures taken on Tuesday, please text the code PGET84325 to 90738 and then David Banks Studios will notify you when the pictures are available to be viewed and ordered.

Thanks for all of the support!

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