Thursday, March 25, 2021

Gathering Today

Just a reminder that our End of Season Gathering is today with the skiers playing games starting at 4:30, dessert set up at 5:15ish and dessert serving at 5:30 or when they are ready.  We will hope to start the awards portion at about 5:45 so that we can have time to get through the awards.

You can have two options to get to the back of the school, through Door 1 and walking to the back of the school and out the cafeteria doors or you can park in the main lot between the middle school and high school and walk outside between the two schools to the baseball field and patio out back.

Skiers, please remember to bring your ski boots and a pair of gloves.

Weather looks nice, but bring a jacket for if it's a little chilly.


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