Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Ski Sales & Summer Training Option

As the seasons change and now that the ski season is done, it is time for the end of year sales at the local ski shops.  For anyone that is looking for some new skis, poles, boots, or even clothing for next year, now is the first chance to start looking.  A lot of the shops will have progressive sales, where the later you wait the more % you could get off, however, this could mean the fewer options to chose from too.  But, right now Gear West in Long Lake and Pioneer Midwest in Osseo have started their sales.  You can check them out online (gearwest.com and pioneermidwest.com) to see what is currently on sale as well as start to get ideas on what to get.  One other thing for those that have their own skis that they should look into at both of these shops, is to get your skis stone ground.  It is an extra expense, but it is something that helps refresh the base of the skis as well as get out little nicks and scratches that may have happened.

Lastly, for anyone that is looking for extra Ski specific training for the summer, the Minneapolis Ski Club is a solid option that our skiers have been using for over 20 years.  They have options for the number of days a week to do training, so check out their website as well if there is interest: http://mscnordic.com/  We as a team will be offering summer practices again as well.  We will probably go with afternoons on Tue and Thur in June and July again, but add some more Saturday workouts as well where we will go places to get more intense or challenging workouts in.  We will also be working with those that are wanting to get ready for the Cross Country Running season to make sure that they are getting their running training in as well as make sure they are not over doing anything.  Myself and those that are in both sports will work on a plan for when those practices will be held.

If you have any questions on any of this, please let me know,

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