Friday, December 27, 2019

Mora Recap

Here is a recap from last weeks Mora races from Coach Nelson as well as a link to the overall results:

The atmosphere at the Mora meet is a refreshing change from our weekday, "get on the bus, off the bus, line up and race" routine.  The warm temps allowed good warmups on the loops right by the Start/Finish area. and also helped to ski warm downs after each event.  Having a Saturday race also helped our parents come up to see the fun.

The kids really took good care of themselves as far as pre-race prep with clothes, waxing, etc.  The veterans helped the 1st's  both Friday and Saturday.  The Mora courses are not difficult, so the race-pace was fast compared to super cold snow at Hyland.

Many skiers showed improvement but it's clear that technique work and "reading the race" to decide what technique to use in any given spot are needed.

It's clear that there are some girls ready to move up onto Varsity if they continue the improvement that they showed on the weekend.  There was also a shakeup in the usual order in the boys' Pursuit on Saturday as a few younger boys threw down good races.  That kind of intra- squad competition can only help as we move into the second half of the season, with Mesabi and the ABC's coming quickly after Camp.

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