Friday, December 27, 2019

Winter Camp

This is just a reminder that for those going to our annual Winter Camp trip, that we are leaving tomorrow, Saturday, at 7:00am from in front of the high school, old door 1!!  PLEASE be there by 6:30 so we are able to get everything packed, bring anything up from the ski room that we will need and make sure we are on the road by 7, especially if the weather is a little sketchy, which it could be.  We as coaches will be there at 6:00am and we can open up the building and the locker rooms for those that may need to get anything inside.

A couple of reminders and things to be prepared for:

Make sure all ski boots and ski apparel needed to ski tomorrow are packed and on the BUS, not the trailer! When we get to the Hayward area to start skiing, we want to get out and get going, and not have someone have to dig through the trailer to find their boots.  One of us as coaches will be standing at the bus door making sure these items are going on the bus for everyone.

The weather will as usual play a role on what we do and when, but also factor into how we dress.  Please make sure you are following what is "supposed" to happen the next few days and realize that there is a good chance of rain on Sunday, so extra, dry clothes, jackets, hats, and gloves should be items that are high on the list of things to bring.  And yes, we do want the skiers to bring snow boots as well.  If by chance there are bus issues, which have happened in the past, we want to make sure that all skiers are prepared if they have to be sitting on a cold bus for a while or having to trek through snow.

Lastly, please make sure a water bottle for skiing is with as well.  We are out in the middle of the woods a lot of the time, so having access to hydration will be limited to what we bring.  So please make sure this is something that is with the skiers at all time when we are skiing.

If there are any questions, please let me know and if there is anything else that needs to be mentioned to all I will get in touch with you,

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