Friday, June 12, 2020

Summer Training

Good News,
We will be able to start summer Nordic practices next week!!  The coaches and I are still finalizing everything, but plan for workouts to be held on Tuesday at Wintercrest Park behind Hom, and Thursday at Bunker.  We will also try to hold a few workouts on some Fridays or Saturdays as well that will be more challenging.  Once we are all set, we will let everyone know what time and what to bring.  Please note the information below as well.  It is about Cross Country Running, but items 1-3 will pertain to Nordic as well.

For those that are planning to join Cross Country Running this year or thinking about it we will be starting our Summer Running program on Monday, June 15!!  We have been given the ok to start workouts, with some restrictions and changes, but we are able to start getting everyone ready for the upcoming season. It is a small step, but very important to start getting everyone to a sense of normalcy after 3 months quarantine and restrictions.

Here are some items to know:
1. You will need to fill out this Waiver and bring it to me the first day that you practice.
2. We will be putting everyone into groups of no more than 10 on the first day and as of right now they will be expected to stay within that group the rest of the summer. Depending on numbers for summer training, we may stagger start times for each group, but those staggers will be 10 minutes.  It is hard to say how many groups we will have or who will currently be in what group.  It will depend on who is able to come.
3. I will post general information about the upcoming weeks practices, mainly time and location.  We will not be running at the school this summer due to the amount of construction going on inside and out, as well as due to the amount of restrictions currently for entering or using the buildings.
4. If an individual is unable to make practices, we would like for them to use the (information can be found on the Cross Country blog page: web page where all of the workouts will be posted as well as the runners can post what they were able to do.  This allows myself to monitor, add comments, and help each runner even if I am not able to see them.

If there are any questions, please let me know,

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