Sunday, June 21, 2020

Workouts this Week

Below is what our plan for this week will be.  We are putting the time at 4pm this week so all of us as coaches can be available.  Also, I am still working on getting the videos from Friday's time trial put together so I can post on here, but a bit of a struggle for me! lol!! :)  But, I am posting the times for those there here as well.

Tuesday - 4pm, Wintercrest Park (behind Hom), on foot with poles
Thursday - 4pm, Bunker (Golf Course Parking Lot 1), on skate wheels with poles

Friday Time Trial:
Short Hill - Kendall Martinek, 2:47
Medium Hill - Ilsa Hoaglund, 2:59
                        Zoe Hoaglund, 3:39
                        Tara Treml, 3:42
Long Hill - Peyton Martinek, 3:58
                   Lilah Gilyard, 4:22

Any questions, please let me know,

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