Sunday, November 22, 2020

Some Info for All

Thanks to all three assistant coaches that helped us be able to get over 40 pairs of skis out on Friday evening!! It was a tight time to be able to put everything together, but they allowed for it to move smoothly! If you were intending to come but were unable to, please fill out the form on the previous post and I will see what I can do.  I am waiting to hear from our AD to see if I will be able to go back into the building.

A couple of things though in regards to skiing.  We are on hold and right now the earliest we can start is Dec. 19th.  So, that is when we are going to plan to get ourselves going.  To help everyone get through the next month and be prepared when the season starts, I will be putting up some technique videos on the blog and I will also see if I can post some ideas for workouts.  The videos right now are geared more towards the First Years, but some of them are helpful for that first time back out on snow and a refresher.  As we move through the next couple of week I will add more videos that can help, and I'll stick them on there.  

Once Elm Creek opens up, which could be soon, all skiers that are students will be able to ski for free until Dec. 4th.  You will need to have your school ID with you, but it is a great opportunity to get out and ski if we don't have enough snow by then.  After the 4th, we will need everyone to have a pass.  I will be working with the school this week to see how we can get this taken care of, but I am going to base how many we get on those that I know are returning and those that are new that have told me they are going to ski. 

Lastly, in regards to the equipment that we sent out last week.  First, for those that are first years, the taller of the two pairs of skis are your classic skis and the shorter pair is your skate skis.  The opposite goes for your poles, the taller are skate, the shorter are classic.  I sent home a stick of Swix Extra Blue with everyone and the First Years got a cork (both are for classic).  I will need these back once the season starts, but felt this could be positive to get everyone out there on your classic skis, and this will be a wide range wax that should work with most conditions, except the sugary snow at Elm later in the day when it is warmer.  I will have a video on how to apply the kick wax soon, so please check the blog in the Video section.  

On all of the skis though, we have storage wax on them and because of the rush to get things taken care of and out on Friday, we were not able to scrap that wax off.  If you have the ability to do this on your own at home, it is as simple as scrapping the wax off and brushing them, and you'll be good to go.  If you don't have the ability or the knowledge to do this, no worries.  If you ski out at Elm Creek most of it will get worn off within the first few minutes on them, and if we get snow and you are out in your yard or at Bunker, it will be an extra layer of protection against anything under the snow. I will also put a video out on glide waxing as well, but do note that there is basic information on how to wax on the right side of the blog as well.

Well, I think that is about it for now.  I really wish everyone the best, safe and Happy Thanksgiving, and stay positive.  We will get through this and we will be skiing together soon.

Take care and have fun!

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