Thursday, February 11, 2021

Changes Due to Weather and Picture Info

There two things that will be changing over the next few days due to the weather:

First, Friday, we will not be meeting person or having an outside workout.  With temps supposed to be around -4 to -6 during practice time, we have decided to not meet.  However, we will be having a Virtual Strength Training session at 4:15 along with a video assignment for everyone.

Second, we have moved picture day to Tuesday at 3:30 due to the fact that it is currently to be around -10 at 10:00 when we were schedule pictures.  Below is the information on pictures:
Tuesday will be team pictures as well as a normal practice.  Pictures will be different this year in that we are not allowed a "Team" photo but also they have a new way of ordering pics.  You will not need to have a form filled out before, and in fact all orders will be done online.  What you will need to do is text the code PGET84325 to 90738 and then David Banks Studios will notify you when the pictures are available to be viewed and ordered.  Please note that this will be about a one week period, so you will not be able to order them until you have been notified. 

If there are any questions, please let me know,

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