Sunday, February 14, 2021

Week of Feb 15

Here are the basics for the week ahead.  Please remember that we moved pictures from Monday to Tuesday due to the weather (ordering information posted in an earlier post).  Also, please note that both races this week, Wednesday and Thursday, are starting at 3:00 with the Girls at 3:00 and the Boys at 3:45, Classic Wednesday, Skate on Thursday.

Monday: Classic (Varsity and those that can at Theo Wirth in Mpls, on your own, one hour easy ski but working on herringbone on the hills), for those that cannot go to Wirth, meet at Bunker Campground at 2:00 (an hour of practice)
Tuesday: Classic, Bunker Memorial (Team Pictures, wear uniforms and bring team jacket if you have)
Wednesday: Classic Race at Bunker Memorial, Bus leaves at 2:00, Girls at 3:00, Boys at 3:45
Thursday: Skate Race at Greenhaven Golf Course, Bus leaves at 2:00, Girls at 3:00, Boys at 3:45
Friday: Skate at Bunker Campground
Saturday: Classic and Skate, Battle Creek in St Paul (we can have a bus set up for those that would need one) Bus leaves at 8:00am


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